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Using a Credit Card

When using your credit card you will need to provide your passport or photo driving licence.


Spanish time is 1 hour in front of UK (both GMT and BST)


Large illuminated green cross. Those open at night in a town will have a list near or on the door for weekend and late night emergencies.


Public toilets are rare in Spain, so use bar toilets. If the toilets are locked you may ask for a key to open the door. Ask for LA LLAVE PARA LOS ASEOS (la yah-beh pah-rah loss ass-ay-oss).


Opening hours are normally 10 am to 2 pm and reopen at 4 pm to 8 pm, though the precise hours may differ. Sundays are normally closed but in the summer some will be open. Hipper markets and department stores stay open throughout lunch time.

Postal Service

You can buy stamps (SELLO DE CORREOS — say-oh day corr-ay-oss) from TABACOS. Post boxes are yellow.


The Costa del Sol on average has 320 days of sunshine per year.

  • Spring: 13°C – 21°C (55°F – 70°F)
  • Summer: 21°C – 32°C (70°F – 84°F)
  • Autumn: 16°C – 23°C (61°F – 73°F)
  • Winter: 8°C – 17°C (46°F – 63°F)


Hire car

When driving expect the unexpected! The Spanish do not use the Highway Code!


Very prompt, safe and cheap, air conditioned.


Safe and cheap.

Málaga Tour Bus

(Málaga only) Very interesting, well worth a day’s ride, takes and tells you about the historical side of a wonderful city (aprox 10 euros including head phones). Tour Buses also in Sevilla and Granada.

Personal Security and Health

In Spain as in most European countries, rural areas are generally safe, but certain parts of cities are subject to petty crime. Carry cards and money close to you in a belt; never leave anything visible in your car. If you lose documents, contact the local police and your Consulate. Just be vigilant and careful.

Free English Newspapers

  • The News (Wednesday)
  • The Euroweekly (Thursday)
  • Sur In English (Friday)
  • The Iberian Times (Friday)
  • Friday–Ad (Friday)
  • Sol Mediterraneo (Monthly)
  • Round Town (Monthly)
  • The Holiday Guide (Monthly)

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • European Emergency (Ambulance): 112/061
  • Local Police: 092
  • Guardia Civil: 062
  • National Police: 091
  • British Consulate (Málaga): 952352300
  • Fire Brigade: 080
  • Sea Rescue: 900202202
  • Crime Denunciation: 902102112
  • Irish Consulate: 952475108
  • Tourist Information: 952371909
  • American Express: 902375637
  • Visa/MasterCard: 902114400
  • Málaga Airport Info: 952048842/484
  • Málaga Football Club: 952614210
  • Lost Credit Card: 915811811
  • Victim Support: 952136675
  • Railway (Renfe): 952240202
  • Bus Station: 952350061
  • Málaga Taxis: 952333333
  • Málaga Tourist Office: 952061380
  • Benalmádena Taxis: 952441545
  • Benalmádena Police: 952562142
  • Benalmádena Tourist Office: 952442494
  • Fuengirola Taxis: 952471000
  • Fuengirola Police: 952589324
  • Fuengirola Tourist Office: 952467625
  • Mijas Police: 952460909
  • Torremolinos Taxis: 952380600
  • Torremolinos Tourist Office: 952379551

To phone the UK from Spain, drop the first zero and add 0044. For example:

  • the regional code 01243 becomes 0044 1243
  • a mobile number beginning with 07794 becomes 0044 7794


Marbella — near the football stadium
Fuengirola — Feria Ground
Benalmádena — flea market at Parque de la Paloma
Calahonda — at la Cala
Estepona — in town centre
La Linea
San Pedro — in the Divina Pastora District
Torre del Mar — next to Conj Europa
Torremolinos — at the Recinto Ferial near the Aquapark
Velez–Málaga — at Parque de los Patos
Benalmádena — Tivoli near Arroyo de la Miel train station
Benalmádena — at Recinto Ferial by parque de la Paloma
Casares — in the town centre
Las Chapas — in La Vibora area
Calahonda — at La Cala
Puerto Banus — massive market and car boot sale near the bullring
Fuengirola boot sale — feria ground
Fuengirola — near the port
Estepona — around the small port
Málaga — near the Rosaleda football stadium
Torremolinos — in the Los Pinares area (by the Crocodile park)
Sabinillas — market and car boot sale alongside the N340 highway
Sotogrande — (temporarily moved in the new marina)

Radio Stations


  • Global FM (96.5)
  • Central FM (98.6)
  • Talk radio (REM FM) (104.8)
  • Spectrum FM (105.5)


  • Salsa (5 pm onwards) (96.5)
  • Kiss FM (90.1)
  • plus various other stations

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